DSO Members should read, agree to, and abide by all the rules set forth below. Violating any of these rules is grounds for permit termination with no refund of monies.

Permits to hunt deer, turkey, squirrels, and have ATV access on Compartment 4, DSO property, will be $795.00 per year for an individual 17 or older. Family Membership to hunt and have ATV access will be $1095.00 per year, ATV riding only will be $150.00 per year, hiking or mountain bike (bicycle) riding only will be $100.00 per year, and horseback riding only will be $100.00 per year.

1) Individual deer hunting permits will cost $795 – One gun rule still applies when bringing youth 16 and under. NO GUEST ALLOWED WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM THE DSO PROPERTY MANAGER OR OFFICE.
2) Family permits will have the following changes. A family permit is defined as a husband, wife and children 16 or under. Those 17 and older must have an individual permit.

2a) $1095 Family Permit (Two guns total on the property) (primary member plus 1 family member, spouse or child age 16 and under). Children 16 and under must sit with an adult, but they can have their own gun, whereas an individual plan allows you to bring a child 16 and under and you must sit together with one gun (The one-gun rule). Additional guns will cost $300 per gun, example, a dad and mom have two kids and all four want to hold a gun, the price would be $1,695. $1,395 if three people in the family want to hold a gun.

 Deep South Outdoors Rules, Regulations and Policies
• If you wish to place a camper or campsite in one of the campgrounds year round,
the cost will be $250.00 per year. Contact the DSO-Tennessee property manager to locate a camper/cabin site.
• All permit payments are due on or before May 1st of each year.
• All permit fees must come with a completed application and be signed. We
reserve the right to refuse any application.
• Upon receipt of payment, each member will receive DSO membership stickers,
permit and map.
• All DSO members are required to sign in at the checking station and list the
reason for the visit. All members are required to display a DSO sticker on all
motorized vehicles and trailers on the property. Stickers should be placed on the passengers’ side windshield of vehicles or the rear bumper, somewhere in the front of an ATV and on the rear on a trailer. This enables DSO staff and members to quickly see whether the vehicle has DSO authorization or is a trespasser.

• It is a violation of Deep South Outdoors, Inc. rules to remove artifacts from any DSO property. Removing artifacts by use of any equipment, shovel, dredging or anything other means is strictly prohibited. Please consider this notice given, that anyone caught doing so, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, forfeit any monies and their DSO permits.

Work days are no longer required for hunting members and are included in your permit fees. ATV riders, horseback riders, hikers, and mountain bike riders can complete their work days by clearing and cleaning trails as they ride.
• Permits must be carried when on the property. Road blocks will be set up on the
property from time to time. Failure to present DSO staff with a permit and
Identification will result in removal from the property, and will be grounds for
termination. DSO staff will not be checking hunting licenses. However, game
wardens will be at some of the road blocks and will be checking licenses.
• No one is allowed in the Closed Area. No one is allowed to operate a motorized
vehicle past (No Vehicles Beyond This Point) signs. Hunters should contact the
manager (On-site) when possible to get permission to drive beyond the signs to
retrieve deer.
• DSO staff, from time to time, will need to access closed and no vehicle areas. If
you see someone in these areas and do not recognize them as DSO staff, feel free
to ask to see a permit and identification. If they are DSO staff, they will show
• No loaded guns are allowed in a vehicle while traveling DSO roads. No shooting of deer is allowed except in the area you are pinned in. This means getting out of a vehicle and walking down in the woods to shoot game is illegal. Some one may be pinned in that area and you don’t know it.  You must be pinned in where you are hunting.  The pin system is not optional.

• No riding, parking, or hunting in green fields.
If a buck less than 8 point is taken on a state property it cannot be transported across DSO property. Our road blocks don’t work when someone is stopped with a buck less than 8 points and they say they took it on state property. If you plan to harvest deer less than 8 point on state property have an alternative exit route, not across DSO property.

• Cutting standing trees, dead or alive, is strictly prohibited. (Violators will be
• Mudding or any vehicles damaging roads are prohibited.
• Camp fires are allowed in designated camp grounds only.
• All down trees should be reported to DSO staff immediately.
• Discharging firearms is prohibited in DSO campgrounds. You should be at least 200 yards away. Be smart, be safe.
• A free permit will be issued to anyone responsible for the conviction of a person
committing a big game violation or destruction of DSO property.
Littering on the property will not be tolerated. No litter may be buried on the property. If you bring it with you, take it back.

• Franklin County has been placed in hunting Unit L. This allows for 3 does to be harvested per day. DSO policy is NOT the same as Franklin County and will allow only 2 bucks, 8 points or better, and 3 does per year (For the 2017-2018 deer hunting season, in an effort to build the herd, the DSO limit on does, with a rifle, is now one (1) (no fawns), but you can take two (2) more with a bow or muzzle loader (3 total).
• If you are hunting, you must sign in and also pin in on the property map. Pin in at
the checking station if you plan to hunt from the checking station to Mud Hole
Road, and pin in at the Mud Hole Campground if you plan to hunt from Mud Hole Road back. If you leave the property for any reason for more than 2 hours, you must sign out and remove your pin. This has been a problem for years and will be monitored
closely for compliance.
• Hunters must contact Chad Mantooth if you would like to participate in the work days.
• DSO has been on a deer management program for 16 years and only allows bucks
to be harvested which are 8 points or better. Only two 8-point or better bucks may
be harvested on DSO property per year. If a buck, other than a button buck, is
harvested by mistake, you cannot harvest another buck that hunting season. If it’s
your 2nd buck, you can only take one 8-point buck next hunting season. This
should not happen often and each incident should be reported to the property
manager, Chad Mantooth. During hunting seasons, he will be at Mud Hole
Campground. Any pattern of non 8-point bucks being harvested will be reviewed by
DSO staff.
• All deer must be field dressed before going to the checking station. Game should
be weighed, harvest record completed, and a picture placed on the board at the
checking station.
• The harvest record is for any game harvested on DSO property. (Bobcats,
Coyotes, etc.)
• Youth (persons 16 or younger) must hunt with an adult member who is 21 years
of age or older who can at all times take control of the firearm.
• Any youth (defined by DSO as 16 or younger), may harvest any legal buck deer
(antlers at least 3 inches long) as long as the next deer taken has more points until
they reach the 8 points or better. The youth must be hunting with an adult
member. Game harvested by the youth does not count against the allowable
harvest for the adult permit holder. All members are encouraged to bring youths,
whether it be your child or someone else’s. ALL YOUTHS MUST SIGN A
• No guests are allowed for hunting except youths. The 1 gun rule applies for youth.
Any member may bring a youth, 16 or younger, as long as they only bring one
gun for both of them. Vehicles are subject to inspection, and if you have a youth
with you only 1 gun should be in the vehicle. If you have a family membership,
the 1 gun rule does not apply, however the youth must be hunting with an adult
• Hunters should be out of the woods one hour after dark.
• Coyotes may be taken any time while hunting. A dead snake is a good snake is
not DSO’s policy. Live and let live.
• Designated weekends will be set up each year when members can bring their
families and friends for a visit or overnight stay at the campgrounds.
• Feeders, mineral blocks with less than 65% salt, and grain, feed, etc. must be
removed 10 days prior to hunting season and should remain off the property during hunting season.
• Hunters should report any big game violations to the game wardens, Tommy Wannyn (931.801.6761) or Josh Hunt (931-797-9001) and DSO staff and any DSO property damage to Mitch Green (800.239.9090), Chad Mantooth (931-308-5059), or the Sheriff’s office (931.967.2331).

Horseback Riders
• Pets, including dogs and cats, must be kept on a leash and are allowed in the
campground area only.
• The horse owner is responsible for actions and damages done by the horse.
• Swimming or bathing of horses is not permitted in creeks or ponds.
• Picket lines are allowed in designated areas. Tying to trees is not permitted. If
your horse damages a tree, you will be expected to replace the tree at a fee of
• No stallions allowed without special permission.
• All horses and mules transported to the facilities and on the DSO property must
have proof of a negative Coggins test conducted within the past 12 months.
• Horses that kick, or are otherwise extremely aggressive, must wear a red ribbon
on their tail at all times.